Previous Life Materials

Focusing on yarns from previous lives, we will design éco-lingerie with circularity and the planet in mind. We support environmental strategy by rethinking sourcing and supporting the circular economy. We partner with fabric suppliers that resell unused and recycled materials. This way, we are revaluing unused fabrics and creating new products from the waste. Thus, we embrace circular fashion. We strive to have 100% éco-fabrics and we put sustainability at the core of our business.

The Impact 

Textile reusing is one of the most sustainable alternatives. 



New fabric production is hurting the plant: Textile production is produces an estimated 1.2 Billion tonnes of CO2 and consumes 79 Billion cubic meters of fresh water annually 

Perfectly good fabrics are discarded or incinerated:  85% of textiles go into the landfill each year, creating huge amounts of toxins and greenhouse gases.

Re-using fabrics fights the waste problem: Through the production of our collections we avoid production and buying new fabrics.

Sheidish gives fabrics a second opportunity and minimizes their environmental impact, by using what already exists and giving excess fabrics a second opportunity. Through textile recovery we avoid the production of new fabrics, therefore the impact is the lowest. Saving up to 20,000 liters of water for every kg of fabric (i.e. organic cotton) being repurposed. 

By choosing reusing instead of producing new we are avoiding this impact per meter purchased :

5.7L of water and 8.5Kg of CO2 emissions.

For the whole collections we helped to save scarce natural resources:

  285L of water 

  425Kg of CO2 emissions

50Kg PO4

10Kg waste

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