Bra Recycling Program for Georgian Citizens

For hygienic reasons, the lingerie products’ life cycles are shorter than any other clothing products. This is the reason why millions of kilograms of unwanted underwear end up in landfill daily. Nowadays, in Georgia, there are no recycling fabrics and services.¬† Our goal is to raise awareness about eco-friendly consumption and contribute to developing new healthy and sustainable standards around the community.

To reduce underwear waste, we are partnering with a few international recycling companies. We encourage our audience to bring their unwanted bras. We will gather all the bras in our warehouse and will send them to recycling facilities. To participate in the program, all you need to do is wash your bra and bring it to us at Rustaveli Avenue 37 and get a discount voucher for our collections. If you don’t wish to throw your unwanted bras to the garbage, this is an amazing opportunity to give your bra a second life.

Reusable and recycled packaging 

Sheidish provides 100% eco-friendly Packaging. Partnering with Green gift, we use recycled & recyclable paper in all the branding and packaging parts. Moreover, sheidish avoids using mono-use plastic in our packaging.


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