About Our Fabrics

We use the high-end quality unused or recycled fabrics from our suppliers, thanks to them we have exclusive access to LVMH’s Maisons stocks. Unused and  100% organic cotton fabrics are used as a lining that touches the sensitive parts. The high quality lace plays the most important role in lingerie making, thus we have sourced haute couture and  finest fabrics from Latvia.

Our Suppliers


Nona Source

Nona Source, the first online resale platform for “re-sourcing” exceptional materials from the Group’s Fashion & Leather Goods Maisons. Designed by experts from LVMH via its DARE intrapreneurial program (Disrupt, Act, Risk to be an Entrepreneur), Nona Source supports LVMH’s environmental strategy by rethinking sourcing and supporting the circular economy. Nona Source is one of our biggest suppliers. We have Exclusive access to LVMH’s Maisons stocks, this way we embrace CIRCULAR FASHION: Make fashion sustainable by revaluing unused fabrics.

Nona Source’s catalogue offers a wide variety of materials selected by prestigious Couture Houses, all certified “deadstock” from the LVMH group’s Maisons.


We are also supplied by Recovo. Recovo.co matches brands & designers to buy unused textiles; they are creating connections to reduce textile waste and extend the life of materials globally.

We choose recovo for unused or recycled fabrics.

Imperial Lace

Imperial Couture House is a family business, which is designed as Imperial Lace and Imperial Couture House. Imperial Lace offers the broadest and finest fabrics in Latvia.They work in Haute Couture fashion direction and create high-quality products from just an idea to ready garments. Unique ability to produce custom-made garments from their customer request makes their Imperial Couture House master of its trade.

Amo Threads

Amo Threads is another fabric supplier which is a sustainable marketplace giving a new life to great fabrics that would otherwise go to waste.



“Sheidish” prints were created by the young Georgian artist “Goldrugon”. The source of inspiration for the prints is the book “Textiles from Georgia”, where about 300 patterns from more than 200 murals are collected. The material collected in the book allows us to take a look at the diverse, colorful, cultural signs combined with Georgian charm and to better understand how the secularity of our country has changed, if Festive clothes, ornaments and fabric look.

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